By Kasey Joyce

St. Louis (KSDK) - The City of St. Louis has a starring role in an upcoming movie. The film starts shooting here next fall.

Inspiration for the movie came from the old Chain of Rocks Bridge, and partially from the Kerry sisters who were killed there in 1991.

The idea for the movie, "A Fall from Grace," all started with a walk across the bridge.

"I just got this creepy feeling. It's creepy enough as it is, but immediately I got this fascination with this bridge. I did all this research on it and found out that the two Kerry sisters were killed here in 1991 and I thought to myself, that's probably why I feel all this haunting energy," said Screenwriter Eric Wilkenson.

That haunting feeling inspired a story about an unrelated serial killer who preys on his victims along the banks and bridges of the Mississippi River. Casting is still in the works, but one of the central characters is the city itself.

"The bridges, the river, all of it plays a major role in this movie," said Wilkenson.

Director Jennifer Lynch says the second she saw the city, she knew she wanted to make the movie, and shoot it here.

"I woke up this morning at the Four Seasons and looked out and saw the Eads Bridge, the river and a train going by and just felt that this city has a voice. And I can't quite discover why Hollywood hasn't captured it yet," said Director Jennifer Lynch.

And they hope to capture the voices of St. Louis too.

"We're going to involve the community as much as possible, with cast and crew," said Producer David Michaels.

As dark as the film's premise may seem, it's also about redemption and hope, and that's why St. Louis is the perfect backdrop.

"It's about darkness and light in a city that has both," said Lynch.

The film's crew will be back this summer to start pre-production on the movie, and they hope to start shooting in October.

For more information on the movie, visit this website.

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