By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - About a dozen members of the armed forces and their families were waiting for the first lady when she arrived at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport Monday for a fundraiser.

Mrs. Obama exited the plane and was greeted by a couple and their young sons. Tiffany and her husband Omar are both Marines Corp veterans, and like the other service members with them, are connected with the non-profit group called "The Mission Continues," a national organization headquartered in St. Louis with the goal of helping post 9/11 veterans use their talents by serving their community.

For many veterans, it's been a huge help in finding jobs, serving and seeking higher education. It's also helped them adjust to living back in their communities after their military service was over.

One is example is Natalie Williams, who was injured in a boat accident while serving in the navy during "Operation Enduring Freedom".

Williams, along with her young daughter, was in the group meeting Mrs. Obama.

"After my accident I just kind of sat in a whole and felt sorry for myself for a couple of years and then I found 'The Mission Continues' and I always call them my personal GPS, they kind of pointed me in the right direction," said Williams.

Tiffany Garcia said, "It's just about finding that service again and finding that America still needs me in a very big way to continue my service and to continue my leadership."

In response to the first lady's visit, the Republican National Committee released a statement saying:
"A second term for President Obama would mean nothing more than continued failure on the economy, reducing the national debt and energy policy. People across our nation know that Barack Obama and his top surrogates care only about keeping the White House so that they can continue to drive big-government, high tax policies. Barack Obama and his campaign should be focused on creating American jobs and turning around our economy, not the next campaign event."

Mrs. Obama stopped by the Peabody Opera House Monday night for a fundraising event. To read a transcript of her remarks, click here.

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