By Casey Nolen

Carbondale, IL (KSDK) - It's the kind of run an entire town can get behind.

The Central Community High School from Breese, Illinois took to the hardwood Tuesday night with a birth in the state final four on the line, and something extra for the other team.

When the students and booster at Central High learned who their opponent would be, they decided they need to bring more than just their 'A-game' to the arena.

Less than a week after an EF-4 tornado cut a swath through Harrisburg, Illinois, parents and students from Breese took less than two days to round-up donations for those working to recover from the storm.

Central High brought a trailer full of supplies to the game, and handed them over to Harrisburg in the parking lot.

And students and parents raised more than $5,000 in donations

Delievered from one squad to another.

A kind-of supply run that an entire town got behind.

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