By Kasey Joyce

St. Louis (KSDK) - A warning went out to Saint Louis University students this week after four students were diagnosed with chicken pox.

When students returned from spring break Monday, they came back to campus to find an email about chicken pox, and a warning to get vaccinated.

An email about chicken pox?

"I didn't really worry about it," said sophomore Rachel Welch.

Because like most of her fellow students at Saint Louis University, Welch has been vaccinated.

"I've already had it and gotten vaccinated, cuz I'm in the nursing program. We had to do that," she said.

But the chicken pox virus is extremely contagious, so SLU administrators are taking it very seriously.

There are four confirmed cases. The school isn't disclosing their names or their relationship to each other, but they have isolated the students to keep the virus from spreading.

"We reached out to all of the individuals that had close contact to have them review their vaccination records and give them care if they need it. Or to provide them the vaccination if they found they didn't have that as a child," said Dean of Students Mona Hicks.

Freshman Patricia Libby feels the students' pain. For her, chicken pox is a not-so-distant memory.

"A lot of itching that sticks in your memory. I got it in high school. You get through it. Nobody thought you could get it then either, but you get through it," she said.

Students say, so far, day-to-day life in the dorms isn't any different because of the virus.

Even so, The Centers for Disease Control says there's a possibility for people who have been vaccinated or had chicken pox to get the virus again. But most students say they're not too concerned.

SLU officials won't consider it an outbreak until there are least five cases on campus. They also say it's not uncommon to see small occurrences of chicken pox on campus.

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