By Mike Bowersock

Columbus, OH (WCMH/CNN) - A trip to the thrift store was well worth it for an Ohio man.

It appears that he found a valuable piece of art.

Zach Bodish has an interest in art and thrift stores. A few weeks ago, those interests combined at the Volunteers of America on Indianola Avenue, and the result was very promising.

"I saw the Picasso part, part here that says Picasso, sticking out from behind some other artwork," said Bodish.

He believed it was just a Picasso print. When he got home he discovered something else. It appears the print was signed by the Spanish artist. There's a faint signature in red pencil. Only 100 of the prints were made for a ceramics exposition in France on Easter in 1958.

"As soon as I was looking at it, I noticed it was a numbered addition so I didn't think that it was really a Picasso. That's really unlikely. I'm not going to run into a signed Picasso at a thrift store," said Bodish.

WCMH-TV spoke to art dealers who could only give broad estimates of what it might be worth. Anywhere from $500 to $10,000.

Julie Taggert, Dean of the School of Studio Arts at Columbus College of Art and Design, saw video of the print. She couldn't say what the Picasso signed piece would be worth, but says if legitimate, it has great value.

"People are intrigued by Picasso because he wasn't doing direct depictions as had been happening in previous history. So seeing something that was more emotional or would bring up a psychological feel to a figure," said Taggert.

While the signature is very faint, Bodish says it matches every signature he has investigated of the artist who died in 1973. He hasn't appraised it yet, but is confident it's worth more than the $14 he paid for it at a Volunteers of America store.

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