Talia Kaplan

Jefferson County, MO (KSDK) - K2, then bath salts. Both products were available over the counter and both were banned. Now there is a new way some people are trying to get high and it's legal.

Investigators with the Drug Enforcement Administration say "Pump It" is emerging in Missouri and across the country.

According to the DEA it's a synthetic drug that acts like speed. It can be marketed as a plant food and it's not for human use but many use it to get high.

Scott Collier, A DEA investigator, says this synthetic drug is very dangerous and has effects similar to cocaine and meth. Meaning, if you use this drug you could hallucinate, have a seizure, or even die. This drug is also addicting.

Police and the DEA are cracking down on the illicit sales of these products and are focusing on retailers and their suppliers. The DEA says sales of these substances are illegal if intended for human consumption.

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