By Jana Shortal

(Brooklyn Center, MN (KARE/CNN) - These kind of love stories never get old.

A letter written by her boyfriend, now husband, serving in the military some 60 years ago, she thought was lost forever.

But thanks to a group of workers, the love artifact is back in its owner's hands.

When Dick and Arlene Hauck were courting 60 some odd years ago, they did it the old-fashioned way.

"I wrote every day," said Arlene.

Letters. Handwritten in perfect cursive.

Dick was off serving in the Army, and Arlene was in Minnesota.

"I had a box of letters from him," said Arlene.

But the most important letter Dick had ever written Arlene was lost, until last week. A couple of contractors found it.

"It was unique to find," said a Minneapolis contractor named Jimmy.

It was found while they were remodeling a house, Arlene's childhood home.

"When we stripped the linoleum back to reframe the walls to do what we had to do there it was," said Jimmy.

It was the letter Dick had written to propose to Arlene.

On Friday it was returned to sender.

Fore nearly an hour Dick took to that letter the way he took to his bride way back when. Seeing him see it again was like watching a boy watch his past come to life.

"The whole thing brings back memories," said Dick.

Woven through the prose were the emotions of a man asking for a hand in marriage from a far off place.

On Friday, the kindness of strangers gave Dick the chance to revisit his 21-yaer-old self.

"Monday, 31 March, 1952. Dearest Arlene," the letter said.

The self bond enough to ask his girl to be his wife.

"I got your ring today, I sure hope you will like it. I wish I could have gotten it long ago darling," said the letter.

Days after he sent the letter, he sent the ring that Arlene still wears to this day.

Weeks later he flew home to be married.

And that's the way it's been ever since, for nearly 60 years.

Fore better or worse, and now, a little bit richer since he has that proposal back in his hands.

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