Red Bud, Ill (KSDK) -- The Red Bud, Illinois MotoMart store that sold the winning Mega Millionsticket received a check for $500,000.

The lottery director presented the bonus check to the owners of the store during a press conference at the store in Randolph County Thursday morning.

The bonus checks presented to retailers that sell winning tickets can be up to 1-percent of the jackpot with the maximum amount of $500,000, according to the lottery director.

The store announced Monday they will disburse $50,000 of the bonus amongst their employees. They presented that check to the store manager following the press conference.

The store owners also offered to buy everyonein attendencedrinks at the local bar, The Office, down the street to celebrate.

The identity of the Red Bud Mega Millions winner remains a mystery.

Someone in Maryland and Kansas also won the Mega Millions and will split the more than $600-million jackpot. The odds of winning were 176-million to one.

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