KING - Police are looking for three men who broke into a home in Lacey, Washington and tied up a woman and two children.

It happened around 4 a.m. Saturday.

Three men entered a home and woke up the woman and the two children, ages 7 and 9, who were inside an upstairs bedroom, according to Lt. Phil Comstock.

"They snuck into the house and then they screamed hey," said 9-year-old Tommy.

That's what woke up him and his brother Sonny.

The boys were at home with their nanny, a 67-year-old woman.

"They pointed the gun to her head, pulled her legs down, tied them up and tied her hands up, and tell her don't talk or don't yell or I will pull the trigger," said Duong, a family friend.

The boys' feet and hands were also tied tightly with thick duct tape, then the robbers went on a mission for money.

"It looked like they messed every room trying to find money or something or jewelry," said Tommy.

"They went through the whole house for like an hour," said Duong.

Finally, the boys and their nanny heard a car door slam.

"I bite the tape out of my hand and then got out," said Tommy. "I got loose. I helped my little brother."

The men were gone, and no one was hurt but their sense of safety is shattered.

Some items, like a couple iPads, are missing.

The family is still taking inventory to see what else the robbers got away with.

The only visible suspect was wearing all black clothing, a hooded top, and a mask, according to the victims.

Detectives are still investigating.

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