Bloomington, IN (WXIN) -- Grief counselors are on the campus of Indiana University to help students deal with the death of a fellow student.

20-year-old Linden Whitt died from neck injuries after falling off a balcony early Friday morning.

Indiana University students lounge in the sun outside the University Village apartments, the day after a friend and neighbor died in a freak accident.

"I can't even imagine if, like, that was one of my close friends that it happened to -- like that's not supposed to. You know, we're all here for the same reason: to get a degree and a career. And in just an instant, her life is over. Everything she's worked for is gone."

Whitt was an econ major sophomore from Mishawaka.

"She was always at the library. Come home and like, 'Where's Linden?' 'You know, the library.' I guess it was like her second home."

Her grades were good. She wanted to follow her brother to Chicago and she wanted to help -- maybe even join the Peace Corps.

"She can't get mad at people. Like she tried, and our neighbors were telling her the other night, 'Linden, make a sad face. Make a mad face.' She would go and try to do it, and it would just turn into a smile. You would never see this girl upset."

Linden's friends want you to know that this wasn't some wild party in the middle of the night.

This was just a few friends hanging out after work, and Whitt somehow got herself up on a shelf, lost her balance, and fell off.

"What is the one word that can describe this whole bad deal?"

"Somewhere between accident and chaos. It's just this could happen to anybody at any time, and sometimes life just deals you a bad card, and that's what happened here."

Also injured in the accident was 20-year-old Joseph Lao, who tumbled on top of Whitt.

He was treated at the hospital for his injuries.

And it could have happened to anybody's sister or girlfriend or daughter.

Toxicology tests will determine if alcohol was in Whitt's system at the time of her death.

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