By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) - Dr. Todd Mockler is the proud father of three beautiful children.

"This is Leah, she's seven," he said.

He's also the proud papa of these two babies.

"That one is pretty much off the shelf," Mockler said motioning to the smaller robot.

The big one, however, is unique.

"So it's a one of a kind design, built to our specifications," Mockler said.

It's a robot that can do the work of about 100 people.

"But a human would make mistakes and take breaks and complain sometimes," Mockler added.

All joking aside, it will help scientist at the Danforth Plant Science Center do more experiments than ever before.

"Two hundred thousand experiments per week," Mockler explained. "The experiments that we'll use these robots for are aimed at understanding how a small set of genes, a couple thousand genes control all of the other genes in an organism. But the end goal is to translate discoveries made here to crops to benefit humanity."

It's just one more remarkable thing happening in St. Louis we should all be proud of.

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