By Jeanne Moos

(CNN) - When you hear the term "milk and cookies" you probably don't think "breast."

But an advertising image featuring one of America's most famous cookies has some folks beating their breasts.

It's not just a feeding frenzy, it's a breast feeding frenzy over an image of a suckling baby clutching an Oreo.

You'd think it's evil the way the media is redacting the action with the black bars of various sizes and shapes to hide the baby's fish-like puckering. The caption reads "Milk's favorite cookie."

But it's not everyone's favorite image.

Some say childhood obesity makes this the wrong message. Others cite the ick factor about showing breasts.

On blogs where mothers with infants congregate, there's a lot of praise.

The maker of Oreos, Kraft Foods, didn't exactly try to milk this ad. Kraft said they didn't make it.

"This visual was created by our agency for one-time use at an advertising awards program. It was never intended for public distribution," said a Kraft spokesperson.

Long before this ad surfaced, there were videos on YouTube featuring real babies breast feeding and munching cookies.

The trouble with that is, you can't dunk.

It may be the Oreo's 100th anniversary, but they were news to one woman, originally from South Africa.

[Reporter]: "Does this make you want a cookie?"

"Oh yes I want one of those Oreo things," she said.

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