St. Louis, Mo. (KSDK) - One person was killed Saturday afternoon when a tent at Kilroy's Bar collapsed in downtown St. Louis. Severe weather and high winds caused thedamage.

Authorities have identified theperson killed as Alfred Goodman, 58, of the 400 block of Monroe in Waterloo, IL.

Along with the one person killed, the St. Louis Fire Department transported 17 others to the hospital. Nine of those remain hospitalized. At least two are still in intensive care.

A total of 100 people received medical treatment due to injuries from the tent collapse, but most of them were cuts and bruises, according to St. Louis Deputy Fire Chief John Altmann.

Eddie Roth, Director of Public Safety for the City of St. Louis, said the incident happened just before 4 p.m., about an hour after the Cardinals-Brewers game ended. The National Weather Service reported winds of 50 miles per hour picked up the large tent at Kilroy's.

Art Randall, the owner of Kilroy's Bar, said everything that was not nailed down was picked up and thrown.

Randall saidhis massive beer cooler was transformed into a triage unit while his staff attended to injured customers and awaited EMT response.

According to Frank Oswald, Building Commissioner for the City of St. Louis,all tents bigger than 1,000-square-feet are required to have a permit. Kilroy's did have a permit for its tent. That permit was issued on April 11.

The tent had been inspected for safety measures, but the assembly and upkeep of the tent is the responsibility of the contractor who puts said tent together, Oswald said. The tent must also be assembled to the manufacturer's specifications.

Kilroy's Bar is located on 7th Street,just south of Busch Stadium. Randall said he opened the bar in 1984.

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