WCAU - A new program Philadelphia is helping members of the military that must leave their pets behind when they are deployed.

It provides temporary "foster" homes with volunteer families so the animal is safe and happy until the owner returns from duty.

Out of the blue, Asha and Vada had no place to go as Kathleen and drew Barton were leaving for Afghanistan.

"We had plans for the dogs and everything and at the last second the plans fell through!" said Drew Barton.

They had heard the horror stories of deploying troops with nowhere to send their pets, and so had founder of "pact for animals" Buzz Miller.

"And they were putting them in shelters! They were, a few times, adopted. But more often than not, because they were older, they were big, they were usually euthanized," said miller.

He had already founded, "People & Animals Together" or "PACT." and now Buzz began looking for foster homes to place dogs of deploying military.

"It was really great that we were able to find this program and that they were able to jump in at the very last second!" said Barton.

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