Aurora, CO (KUSA) - An Aurora, Colorado store clerk shot in an armed robbery on Thursday spoke to NBC affiliate KUSA about just how quickly two men walked into his father's store in search of money and opened fire.

Paymon Ghamari says he is grateful to be alive.

"I was looking at the gun and first thought was, 'Is this real?'" Ghamari said.

Around 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Ghamari says he was working behind the counter of his father's convenience store.

That's when two men in hoodies and pink gloves whom he had never seen before walked inside.

They moved quickly to the front counter and one brandished a gun.

Surveillance video shows that in a matter of seconds, the man opens fire.

"It felt like someone hit me with a hammer," Ghamari said about being shot in the bicep.

Still, Ghamari calmly opens the cash register.

"Full of adrenaline, and the adrenaline kind of kept my mind off things," he said. "Kind of crazy, everybody tells me I kept pretty calm and I'm glad I did."

Even as the criminals have access to the cash, one of them fires two shots toward the back of the store.

"It was a little nerve-wracking when they kept shooting," he said. "Still kinda shocked, and haven't really had time to reflect on the whole situation."

What he does know is that he is lucky his wound wasn't worse.

"You don't really know until it starts bleeding and you're like, 'Damn, there's a hole in my arm,'" he said.

The bullet, he says, barely missed an artery and his bone.

He wants those responsible to be caught and to be punished for what they've done.

"It's just a cowardly way to make your money," Ghamari said. "Hopefully they'll get theirs soon though. If justice doesn't take them in then, hopefully karma will."

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