By Olivia Barker, USA TODAY

Maybe she should have just passed him a note.

As per her Twitter page today, Jennifer Love Hewitt seems red-faced about her recently revealed rock star crush, posting: "The moment when you make a comment about something or someone and the world makes you feel like a total fool.#keepcrushesquiet"

And then: "Thank you to @adamlevine for being so gracious on Ellen about my crush heard round the world. I've learned a lesson.#Sssh"

Earlier this month, Hewitt told Ellen DeGeneres about her hankering for the newly single Maroon 5 frontman, confiding (on national TV) that she thought they'd make a "cute" couple.

Then on Thursday, Levine turned up on Ellen, and the talk-show host tried to play guest matchmaker. A good-natured Levine (jokingly) called Hewitt's move "aggressive," but also "sweet and flattering." Still, DeGeneres pressed. Did he want her to set him up with anyone, maybe someone in the audience? "I'm cool," Levine said, laughing.

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