By Courtney Gousman

St. Louis County (KSDK) - If you're in the market for a new car, you're in luck. Several dealerships in the area, are gearing up for "hail sales," offering discounts on hundreds of vehicles that were damaged in Saturday's storm.

Saturday's hail storm proved to be bittersweet for many car dealers, because it created damage to a majority of its inventory, but it is driving lots of interest and traffic from people on the hunt for a bargain.

There are more than 570 cars on the Lou Fusz GMC & Buick lot just outside of Creve Coeur, and all of them now have some sort of damage.

"I bet you we've got 150, 200 cars where the windshields were broken," said Tom Treiber, Service Manager for Lou Fusz GMC & Buick.

Workers have been busy sealing up the busted windows, and trying to get insurance agents in to estimate the damage. Treiber says there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

For example, a brand new 2012 GMC Terrain on the lot now has a shattered rear window, dents all over the body, busted sunroof, and a cracked windshield. Before the damage, it carried a sticker price of about $32,600 while Treiber now estimates damage on the vehicle to top $5,500.

"They won't sell for sticker price and like I said they'll be good bargains. We don't know what kind of deals we can give yet until the damage has been assessed," said Treiber.

Just a few miles down the road, workers at Seeger Toyota are also checking for hail damage.

"The majority of the cars have very insignificant damage. Most of them you have to get the right angle with the sun to see it," said Tim Douglas, Sales Manager for Seeger Toyota.

Both dealerships say customers will have the option to have the vehicle of their choice fixed, or buy them with as is. Either way, these damaged goods, will now sell for much less.

"In the customers' eyes we're talking hundreds of dollars in damage, but thousands of dollars in savings. It definitely alerts the public to bargains. That's what people want, is a bargain," said Douglas.

Dealerships do have to disclose if a vehicle has damage, even if it's been fixed.

Both dealerships say they're launching their hail sales right away, while in the midst of getting damage assessments from insurance companies.

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