By Meghan McRoberts

Council Bluffs, IA (KPTM/CNN) - A high school teacher in Iowa is accused of giving a student the prescription drug Xanax.

Adam Jones, 40, of Council Bluffs was arrested on Friday.

Students at Thomas Jefferson High School say they can't believe one of their favorite teachers is being charged for giving drugs to a student.

"I didn't think that actually happened, I just thought it was some rumor going around," said student Rachel Autera.

Investigators say they believe Adam Jones offered the prescription drug Xanax to one of his students, who in turn accepted several of the pills. It's a prescription drug that helps people with anxiety, but can be taken illegally to feel relaxed.

The county attorney says he may have offered her the drugs after she told him she felt stressed out.

"I'm wondering why she accepted it? Why would she be like, 'Oh ok, well I can do this with a teacher it's okay,'" said another student, Cameo Gillun.

Investigators say they discovered the drug exchange while they were investigating an anonymous tip that the two were texting inappropriately.

"We learned the texting itself didn't rise to the level of violating and criminal laws, but we also learned that there may have been some Xanax given to this student by the teacher," said Detective Chad Meyers with the Council Bluffs Police Department.

Investigators say the drug exchange likely happened off campus and after school hours.

"I still feel awkward around teachers now that I know what one is capable of that I didn't think was capable of that at all. Mr. Jones went down in my book, awhile. I hope she's okay," said Gillun.

School officials say they will still investigate the texting on their own to make sure they didn't' cross any student-teacher lines.

Jones has been placed on leave and will only face misdemeanor charges since Xanax is not an illegal drug.

The student will not face any criminal charges.

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