St. Louis (KSDK) -- It's one of the busiest streets in St. Louis and Wednesday the city will unveil plans to shut it down for a major upgrade.

The Kingshighway bridge south of Interstate 44 carries more than 30,000 cars a day. Built in the 1930's, the city says the bridge has long since out lived its life expectancy.

The plan is to build six wider lanes and add 5' sidewalks on either side where now there are none.

"When you ride that curb lane you're riding right against that old wall," says St. Louis City Street Department Director Todd Waelterman. "There's no room there. Ideally you'll have a side walk there and you'll be a little farther away and it'll give you an open feeling -- add another foot to the lanes and some better pavement and you'll enjoy it more," says Waelterman.

The plan also calls for re-aligning the Shaw Boulevard intersection to make getting to the Botanical Gardens easier by adding a left turn lane, south bound from I-44.

The east side of Shaw will be moved to the back side of O'Connell's Pub.

Construction should begin in about a year.

The city wants public feedback on its overall plan Wednesday at 4, downtown at 1200 Market Street in room 305.

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