Omaha, NE (CNN) - Facebook stock goes on sale to the public next week.

But there's one billionaire who says he won't be buying shares.

"We never buy a new offering. I can't recall in my life buying a new offering. The idea that something coming out on say Monday that's being offered with significant commissions, all kinds of publicity and everything, the seller electing the time to sell is going to be the best single investment I can make in the world among thousands of choices, it's mathematically impossible. So we are not a buyer," said Warren Buffett.

[Reporter]: "But even at this time, you said, look even at Google and Apple now, you wouldn't be a buyer but you wouldn't short them either at this point."

"I would not short them either. I would not short Facebook; I would not short Google; I would not short Apple. They're fantastic companies, but in terms of what they'll be worth five, ten years from now, I just don't know," said Buffett.

Investors are expected to pay between $28 and $35 to get in on the action.

And in case you're wondering neither Buffett nor Munger is on Facebook.

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