By Ann Rubin

Godfrey, IL (KSDK) - He is a Boy Scout and he was definitely prepared.

A teen from Godfrey is being credited with saving his sister after she severed an artery on a trampoline.

Caroline Goeken, 12, needed several hours of surgery, but she didn't need a blood transfusion. And that's in part thanks to her brother's quick thinking.

"I looked over at my arm and it was facing a way it should not have been," said Caroline.

It was her arm that broke the fall, when Caroline Goeken flipped off the backyard trampoline. Her screams, sent her brother running.

"Just had to look at it once and I knew it was bad," said Andrew Goeken, who turns 14 next week.

She had a compound fracture, and a severed artery, but instead of panicking. Andrew took action.

"The first thing I saw was napkins which were on the counter right there. So I grabbed all those and stuck them on there," he said.

He applied pressure, calmed his sister, and called for help.

His father believes it was Andrew's Boy Scout training that helped him know what to do.

"To see him actually do it when it's needed, it's wonderful," said James Goeken, a lieutenant with the Madison County Sheriff's Department.

Andrew says even he didn't know how he'd react at first.

"There's people who would pass out and faint from seeing that and then there's the people who would just go into action. Thankfully I was that person," said Andrew.

His quick thinking may have kept things from being worse.

Caroline now has three pins and a screw in her arm, but she's expected to make a full recovery.

"I'm really grateful that he was there because if he wasn't, I wouldn't know what to do," she said.

Statistics show falls are the most common cause of injury in children.

At St. Louis Children's Hospital, 22 kids were admitted for trampoline injuries just last year.

The Goekens have taken that to heart. There's an empty space in the backyard where their trampoline used to be.

"First opportunity it came down, got stacked up and went out to the curb," said James.

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