By Krista Henery

Jasper County, IN (WLFI/CNN) - From the waiting room to a jail cell, a case of mistaken identity lands a 12-year-old behind bars in Indiana.

Now authorities are investigating.

"He was holding his belt in one hand and had tears coming down his eyes. I said 'Jacob, what's the matter, what happened, where were you?' He said 'I was in jail,' I said, 'You were in jail?' I said, 'Did you ask for them to show you around?' He says, 'No,'" said Michelle Magruder.

Jacob Magruder, 12, says it all happened as he was sitting alone in the lobby while he was waiting for his family at the Jasper County Sheriff's Department.

"I saw a police officer and he had a phone and he called in there and said, 'Is this the boy I'm suppose to take?' and the woman in there said, 'Yeah,'" said Jacob.

He says he was then asked to stand up as the officer patted him down.

"He said, 'Can you put your hands on the wall and spread your feet out?' And he checked me and he was like, 'Just to make sure you have no weapons on you or nothing,'" said Jacob.

The boy says he was then taken behind a closed door and put in a holding cell.

"This lady came and she says, 'Can you get in this cell for me?' and I was like, 'Sure.' They locked the door and it was cell number 1206 and they locked it," said Jacob.

He says he sat in 1206 for several minute until officials realized they took him, thinking it was his 17-year-old brother.

"They said, 'I'm sorry it was just a misunderstanding.' They said, 'You can give your brother a hug' and all that. I gave him a hug and he started bawling and I started bawling," said Jacob.

Jasper County Sheriff Terry Risner says an ongoing internal investigation is being conducted at this time.

"The incident involved a possible miscommunication and wrongful identification of a person that was at the sheriff's office when the incident was reported," said Risner.

"He had that radio. He should have called up there to check because he should have known that a 17-year-old does not look like me," said Jacob.

The sheriff's office won't say if anyone involved in the incident has been disciplined.

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