Belleville, IL (KSDK) -- Current and former Alorton Village officials are charged for violating the Open Meetings Act, St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly said Tuesday.

Former Mayor Randy McCallum is charged with four counts of violating the act and current Mayor Treymella, Trustee Perry Young and Trustee Dorothy Crockett were each charged with five counts of violating the act.

Kelly says that then Mayor McCallum allegedly met with a group of trustees sometime in January at the private residence of current Mayor Johnson to discuss the resignation of McCallum as mayor and the selection of a new mayor.

This meeting violated the Open Meetings Act as it was not open to the public and the procedures required by theactto close a meeting were not followed. There was also no record kept of the meeting.

In addition, current Mayor Johnson allegedly met with Trustee Young, Trustee Crockett and the Village Board on February 13 where a vote was made to appoint Johnson to thevacant Mayor position. This meeting was not open to the public and violated the agenda posting requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

The defendants are to appear in St. Clair County court on May 29, 2012.

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