By Mike Rush

Litchfield, IL (KSDK) - While authorities do not believe a mechanical failure is a factor in Monday's bus crash near Litchfield, Illinois, NewsChannel 5 has been looking into the condition of the bus before the accident.

PHOTOS - Bus collides with semi

It looks like the bus was in pretty good shape. It passed a state inspection less than two weeks ago and another one at the start of March.

It also undergoes a spot inspection every day before it hits the road.

That daily inspection is done by the company that owns the bus, "First Student."

Karen Nickerson with the company showed us how it works.

The bus driver spends about five or ten minutes visually inspecting the outside and inside of the bus and checking the systems before it leaves the lot.

That's done daily on all 48 of the buses at the bus barn in Highland and it was done to that bus Monday before the start of the field trip.

On top of that, the buses go through a preventative maintenance check about every three months.

First Student checked the bus from the crash in March and it passed.

"They have to go through and check every inch of the bus, the exhaust system, the tires, the brakes, the rotors," said Nickerson. "It's almost like taking the bus apart and putting it back together, not physically, but visually, they have to check everything."

State inspections happen every six months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The driver is charged with failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

He's been on the job since 2009 had a clean driving record.

Thirty-three students from Grantfork Elementary School were on board at the time of the crash.

A total of 11 people were taken to hospitals. Two students remain hospitalized with broken legs.

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