By Jennifer Blome

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Sydney Sager was bullied for years. This eighth grader did what many kids do: she kept quiet and dreaded going to the bus stop every day.

Not anymore. Sydney stood up for herself and others by starting a Facebook campaign called "For a Better Tomorrow."

Sydney hoped fellow students from Lasalle Springs Middle School would join the group - and they did. So did kids from as far away as South Korea.

Sydney approves anyone who wants to join "For a Better Tomorrow," but she didn't expect that to include bullies themselves.

"Somebody would post something on the group, and a bully would see it, and realize they'd hurt someone's feelings. It's amazing to me they would apologize to other people in the group."

If you'd like to join "For A Better Tomorrow" there's a link on Sydney Sager's Facebook page.

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