Crestwood, MO (KSDK) - One of the last stores in Crestwood Mall is packing up shop.

Friday will be the final day of business for this location of the St. Louis Teacher's Recycling Center.

The store provides recycled educational materials for its customers.

It set up in the former Victoria's Secret location as part of the Artspace Project to redevelop Crestwood Court.

On Thursday, the owners provided some insight into what it's been like to watch the mall slowly clear out.

"Oh yeah it's like watching your child go away to college. And you think you'll never see them again because you think you meet some people in your lives and you're never going to cross paths with them again. But I'm saying we're still staying connected," said Susan Blandford.

Owners say they probably would have had to shut down if it weren't for the exposure they gained at the Crestwood Mall.

The recycling center still has two other locations open; one in St. Patrick's Center and another in Chesterfield.

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