By Alex Fees

University City, MO (KSDK) - Housing officials say both the tenant and the property owner are to blame in an apartment dispute in University City.

Jeaneen Taylor and her eight children live in a rental house on Chamberlain. The problem is, they're not alone. In total, Taylor said twelve kids and five adults live there. The others are Taylor's extended family.

"When you cut the shower on, it leaks in the living room. When you cut the kitchen sink on, it leaks in the basement. The toilet overflows in the back end where it fills up for you to flush it. The water is coming out of the back of the wall. We had an inspector come out yesterday. He wanted to condemn the home, but he's giving us time to move out. We have a family of eight children so a shelter is not feasible. And we don't have the financial means right now to go somewhere," said Taylor.

Sandra Jackson, of Jackson Properties Plus Management, owns the building.

"We've spoken to the landlord several times about getting things fixed. She hasn't done it," said Taylor.

Jackson returned NewsChannel 5's Alex Fess' phone calls Friday afternoon.

She says the apartment did not look like that when Taylor and her relatives moved in. And she claims Taylor and her relatives caused all the plumbing problems. Jackson says she is in the process of evicting Taylor.

"There are indeed multiple issues with the property and it is uninhabitable. Upon inspection, various hazardous conditions and no heat source were identified by staff. The property owner must correct all unsanitary and unsafe conditions and have the property re-inspected before occupancy will be allowed," said University City Director of Community Development Andrea Riganti.

But Riganti also said, "Ms. Taylor and her children were unlawfully occupying the property for the following reasons: 1) The structure is in whole or part being occupied by more persons than permitted under the property maintenance code. 2) There is no occupancy permit."

And Riganti said in University City, it is up to the tenant to obtain an occupancy permit.

Taylor made an appeal for help in finding a new place to live.

"We are stuck," she said. "We're between a rock and a hard place. We are stuck. We don't have anywhere to go. We have called Red Cross, United Way, Catholic Charities, the Housing Authority. We need somewhere where we can go at least for a week or so. Until we can move into a house; we found a house, we don't know how much he wants yet. We found an eight bedroom."

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