By Grant Bissell

St. Louis County (KSDK) - Remember the $14,000 that showed up at a South County Goodwill store?

Now there's a legal battle brewing over the find.

It's believed the money was accidentally left in this donation captured on surveillance tape.

MERS Goodwill President and CEO Lewis Chartock says more than 30 people have now made a serious claim to the money.

At least two of them have gotten lawyers.

Chartock says Goodwill plans to turn the money over to the St. Louis County court system and let attorneys sort out the mystery.

"If somebody can prove it's their fine. We've had lots of discoveries like this in the past and every one of them we've been able to determine who actually left the money. In this case we have not been able to determine that on an absolute basis," said Chartock.

He says if the money somehow makes it through the court system and back to Goodwill, they'll donate it to a worthy charity.

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