Alton, IL (KSDK)- A few Metro East hotspots will be closed this weekend. The Alton mayor is cracking down and says fights and shootings are to blame for the temporary shutdown of three bars.

Downtown Alton, Illinois is pretty quiet during a weekend day but, people who live nearby say at night it's total chaos.

"Typically on a Friday or Saturday night it's a lot of extra traffic. It's a lot of fights," said Brad Parks who lives near a few downtown bars. He says he's constantly calling the police.

"We've had shootings at CTW's. We had females fighting. We had a knifing. The other bars have just been late night fights more than anything," said Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst.

So Mayor Hoechst is temporarily shutting down Firehouse, Spirits, and CTW's Lounge. The lengths of the closures vary but all include a $500 fine.

"I have been disturbed about it quite a bit," said Frank Anderson who has owned CTW's Lounge for the past 37 years.

The Mayor says this is their second offense in a little more than a year so they got the toughest punishment and were forced to close for ten days.

Anderson acknowledges the problems and says he has always complied with police.

He says he already has security inside the bar but, now the city wants him to hire security to monitor people outside.

"We're not licensed to be out there trying to do the police job and we shouldn't have to pay somebody to work outside for them," said Clifton Moore, who manages CTW's Lounge.

"What's happening is fights have been starting inside and migrating out to the parking lot and that's still their responsibility," said Mayor Hoechst.

CTW's reopens on the 18th of June. Firehouse is expected to reopen on Sunday and Spirits will reopen next weekend.

Mayor Hoechst says the bars could face even more fines and closures if they continue to have problems.

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