NBC - The term you may not have heard of, for a practice you probably engage in daily is "crowdsourcing."

It's when people share data through our connected world.

Like when you use the gas buddy app to share a low price with your fellow motorists or your phone shares information about your location on the road and how traffic is flowing.

"Now you add up tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of people that have that device on and you get this network of people telling something, some bit of knowledge, where the traffic is," said Dr. Albert Lin of National Geographic Explorer.

Dr. Albert Lin uses crowdsourcing to recruit volunteers to look at satellite photos of Mongolia in the search for the tomb of Genghis Khan.

Crowdsourcing also means "checking in" via cell phone and becoming a bit of data in a connected world that helps people decide where to hang out.

Privacy advocates have cautioned about some of the big brother aspects of this, but Lin says we're all happy to share when there's something in it for us.

"You're cool with the fact that somebody knows where you are on Foursquare as long as you can know what else is going on around you. That makes you have a better time with where you are in that location," said Lin.

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