By Tracy Vedder

Tacoma, WA (KOMO/CNN) - A mother in Tacoma, Washington is red hot over a school policy that prevents students from bringing sunscreen to school.

She decided to fight for change after her daughters came home from school with serious sunburns.

Kids don't sugar coat anything, so when Violet and Zoe Michener talk about their sunburns or about a Tacoma School District policy that says no one can bring sunscreen to school without a doctor's note, they don't pull their punches.

Last week was Point Defiance Elementary's Field Day, a day spent playing games.

Jesse Michener says it started rainy, so she didn't put sunscreen on her girls, but she says even if she had, by midday that sunscreen would no longer be effective, and her girls still would have gotten badly burned.

"But they couldn't even re-apply without a doctor's note they couldn't carry that in their backpacks, and they couldn't even do something as simple as wear a hat because hats are not allowed at school," said Jesse.

She took her girls to the hospital to ensure they'd be all right because they're not just fair skinned; Zoe also has a form of albinism that makes her eyes and skin particularly sensitive to the sun.

"It feels like your eyeballs are just going to pop out it's really uncomfortable," said Zoe.

"Well we certainly wish that we had our staff had noticed that the children were getting sunburned yesterday afternoon unfortunately the sun came out so late nobody noticed it until the end of the day," said Dan Voelpel, a school district spokesperson.

Michener says it's ludicrous that parents have to get a doctor's note for sunscreen, but the district says it really has no choice, state law requires it.

"Because so many additives in lotions and sunscreens cause an allergic reaction in some children we have to really monitor that," said Voelpel.

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