(WVLA) -- Sunday around noon, Lisa and Gerard Triche took off from Bayou Corne boat launch for an afternoon filled with fishing and fun.

Then just before five, the couple's boat began acting up.

"The next thing you know, we couldn't get enough speed up on the boat. It was like a great storm the wave came over the boat and within 20 seconds it was sunk," said Gerard Triche.

As the boat began to sink, Lisa did something that would end up saving their lives.

"I got out my cell phone out of my purse and sent my mother a text. I hit send on the phone and 15 seconds later the boat was all the way capsized," Lisa Triche said.

The pair made it to the shoreline for shelter.

As the sun began to set, something caught Lisa's attention: an alligator.

"I didn't see his body, I just saw his eyes and he was looking at me and I was looking at him he started swimming," Lisa Triche said.

The couple began to climb, going as high off the ground as they could, trying to avoid the beast.

"I met the devil and God at the same time, but I found out God is a whole lot stronger. Because you really meet him when you're out there in a situation like that," said Lisa Triche.

Later that night, family members called the Assumption Parish sheriff's office, worried the couple never made it home.

Just before ten thirty, the family saw Lisa's text message, and a little under two hours later, a team of area law enforcement agents found the couple fifteen feet in the air clinging to a tree.

Deputies helped the couple down and brought them pack to safety, unharmed and thankful to be alive.

Both Lisa and Gerard say they won't step into another boat anytime soon.

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