Florida (NBCNC) -- Tropical Storm Debby continues to soak the Florida coast.

PHOTOS - Tropical Storm Debby causes flooding

For the last two days, the large, but mostly unorganized system has poured more than 20 inches of rain in parts of the state, and forecasters say it could dump another 8-to-10 inches as it crosses the peninsula.

The high water is causing some real problems.

"People who have lived here all their lives have never seen water across the road right here," said Neil Watts of Apalachicola, Florida.

Dozens of roads have been washed out, including parts of Interstate 10,
Making evacuations difficult and, in the hardest hit areas, almost impossible.

"We got about two-and-a-half foot deep and then decided not to go any farther 'cause we just weren't gonna make it," said watts.

Countless families are struggling to stay ahead and above the flood waters, but in some areas that's an impossible task.

"We had over 7 inches of rain in the evening and through the night and as a result the creeks were overflowing, the ground saturated and the run off has been more than it can handle," said Brian johns, a Bradford County Emergency Management official.

In the tiny town of Cedar Key, the rising tide is now too much for the sea-wall to handle.

Most of the 750 residents have moved to higher ground.

"They?re concerned about the flooding issues. That's their biggest concern honestly. They worry about water getting in the house,? said Cedar Key Police Chief Virgil Sandlin.

Concern and fear is fast becoming a reality, as Debby continues to inch closer to the coast.

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