By Chris Stanford

Minneapolis, MN(WCCO/CNN) - Residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood are reeling from a tragedy.

A 5-year-old boy was shot and killedTuesday morning as he slept on his couch.

The shots entered a home on Bryant Avenue that was full of adults and kids. Shortly after, a young boy hit by the gunfire died at North Memorial.

"This is a horribly tragic situation for a child who's sleeping on a summer day is shot," said Inspector Mike Martin with the Minneapolis Police Department.

Police are looking for the shooter, and so far have no description o a suspect or a vehicle to release to the public.

Those who live in the neighborhood say the sound of gunshots are common, and violence in the Camden neighborhood is on the rise.

"Years ago I could walk around here proudly, now I'm scared for my kids to even come outside," said an unnamed neighbor.

The latest shooting in north Minneapolis has outraged people in the community, including the mother of Terrell Mayes Jr., who was killed by a stray bullet.

"This is ridiculous. It's totally ridiculous. Kids can't even get up and eat cereal or come outside and play no more. Whoever is doing this killing, you need to stop. Y'all are taking our kids, y'all not giving them their futures," said Marsha Mayes.

The city councilman representing the neighborhood says the home where the boy was killed was apparently targeted.

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