WCAU - Neighbors say they now know why the turkeys crossed the road: to terrorize them.

In the last year, residents claim more than 30 wild turkeys were roving the paths along Deacon Road in Hainesport, Burlington County, and many were not in a good mood.

"The diesel trucks would get 'em wound up and they would chase you down the road and stuff like that! There was one that was aggressive! He'd come after you, but it didn't take much to get him to go the other way!" said resident Ted Barto.

What the township has proposed is a ban on feeding turkeys so they'll look elsewhere for food, but families that raise chickens and other animals say the turkeys go after any leftover feed.

"Do I need to put up a sign on my chicken feed that tells the turkeys not to eat it? I mean, where do you draw the line?" said Barto.

Since attempts to trap the turkeys apparently didn't work, there is a public hearing now scheduled on the proposed turkey feeding ban.

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