WNYT - A good Samaritan 'helped' a young, crime victim, twice in two days.

Thirteen-year-old Brandon Kramer of Rensselaer was out yesterday afternoon on the new Haro BMX bike he loved.

But on the mill street hill in Troy, trouble started with a group of teenagers.

"And then they came up to us and they grabbed my bike, my grip on the bike and they were like, get off the bike now or I'm going to hurt you," said Brandon Kramer.

Adam Coonradt, a father, works for All-Lifts, an industrial rigging company in Albany, and he was driving home from work.

"Noticed a kid on the side of the road crying. I did pull over and ask what was going on, because I'm also a volunteer firefighter and an EMT and I wanted to make sure the child wasn't injured or anything like that," said Coonradt.

Coonradt said he followed the suspects to a house on First Avenue, and notified police.

"They did identify one of the perpetrators in this case, who was a 15-year-old male, charged with robbery, but in the process, encountered quite a bit of resistance," said Captain John Cooney, Troy Police.

19-year-old Jesus Lind is facing charges including resisting arrest. Police were not able to recover the bike. Today, we put Brandon's mother in touch with Coonradt. "I just wanted to thank you so much. I'm so grateful for you being there. An angel sent you there at that time," said Marie Kramer, Brandon's Mother.

And then, the big surprise.

Coonradt's company wanted to replace the bike.

And at two this afternoon, Coonradt showed up with a brand-new Mongoose bike, thanks to All-Lifts, plus a helmet for good measure.

Brandon's mother is happy, and so is Brandon.

He couldn't wait to take his new bike out for a spin.

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