Unincorporated North St. Louis County (KSDK) --For the first time, we're hearing from the mother and boyfriend of an Alton woman, who was killed in a police patrol car Wednesday morning.

Little word from police is being put out to the public, but what we do know, though, came mostly from the former boyfriend of the deceased woman, 20-year-old Stephanie Hicks.Eric Perrysaid that Hicks was bi-polar and had recently seen some tough times. But she'd made the decision to get some help, so, Wednesday morning, the two set out to walk from his house in Alton, Illinois - 10 miles south - to Christian Hospital Northeast.

Around nine, police stopped them and ended up picking her up to give her a ride to the hospital. Perry explained that he saw Hicks get into the patrol car's front seat, and the next thing he knew, he said he got a call that Hicks had been shot and killed in that car - near Dunn Road and 367 - and the officer's gun was the weapon used.

Police haven't said yet whether she shot herself but those who loved Stephanie, who was just 5'1" and a hundred pounds, have their own ideas about what happened.

"I can't fathom that," Perry said of the potential for suicide. "There's no way. How can a person that weight, that height disarm an officer? I can't see that. I just really can't see that, and I don't see that being protocol, I really don't see that being protocol, her sitting in the front seat like that."

"And I'm not gonna let this rest," added Hicks mother,Robbin. "I'm not gonna let my daughter's name go down in vain. I refuse. I just don't know how to deal with this anymore because that's my daughter, and I love her dearly."

The officer driving Hicks is a 13-year veteran on the Alton police force. He spent much of the day giving his account to St. Louis County Police, which is the agency investigating.

No word yet on funeral arrangements for Hicks.

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