Washington, MO(KSDK) - In a basement office in Washington, Missouri creativity is a constant.

"I'm one of the few left who can actually paint a sign by hand," explains Charles Darling.

It could be some sort of sign.

"There's some stuff I did for Six Flags years ago," Darling adds.

A t-shirt or even a storyboard for a commercial, but the canvas Charles Darling likes most is actually felt.

"To me it's kind of an art form in itself, in fact they call it artistic pool now," Darling says.

Over the years he's created at least 12 trick shots and racked up quite a few miles.

"All over Europe, Holland, Belgium, France. There's not a stretch of highway I haven't crossed in the United States, there's not a major city that I haven't shot pool in," Darling goes on to say.

Now he's heading to China and this, but not without doing his homework.

"This last week I'm probably going to be spending anywhere from eight to ten hours and these are all shots I'm already familiar with," Darling points out.

His signature shot however doesn't require a cue just a beer bottle, spittoon and an extra clean cue ball. It's why he's been known as Spitball Charlie since about 1975, but at 60 years old Charles Darling still has plenty of tricks in his bag and maybe a few more titles coming his way.

After all he's leaving for China today to compete in the World Class Artistic Pool Master's Cup.

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