By Jennifer Steck

Defiance, OH (CNN) -- A woman's propensity for keeping everything forever, could change her nephew's life. He found what could be a gold mine of baseball cards while cleaning up his aunt's house after she died.

When Karl Kissner's aunt passed away, she made him the executor of her will and estate. That meant it was up to Karl to go through and clean up her house.

Through all the boxes of untouched memories from the last century, one box in particular covered in soot and under a doll house caught his eye.

"They gotta be baseball cards because that's Cy Young, and there is Honus Wagner and there's Ty Cobb and over here is Evers and Chance. You just named 5 Hall of Famers right there. So we're going ok, they're either worth nothing or they're worth something," said Karl.

The cards are so rare and in such mint condition, they could fetch millions at an upcoming auction.

Karl compares it to finding a Mona Lisa in the attic.

"So you had to open every envelope, and you had to open every book, and so knowing that we went through it very meticulously had we went through in a rampage, we might have spotted those cards and thought huh, and they woulda went in the hopper," Karl said.

He believes the cards belonged to his grandfather, the owner of a meat market in Defiance. He could have used them as promotional handouts. Some just happened to be left behind and forgotten for 100 years in his aunt's attic.

"Her curse, wound up being our blessing. When I opened the will, my Aunt had put little hand written notes in it, ok. And one of the little notes in it was, 'Karl, as you go through the house you will find things you never knew existed.' Could not have been a truer statement."

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