South St. Louis (KSDK)- St Louis Police have been busy this morning investigating a series of smash and grab break-in's at businesses in south city.

Detectives are working separate investigations at an AT&T store, a Radio Shack, and a sports bar and grill all within miles of one another.

Authorities believe the bandits smashed windows with bricks to gain entry into the Radio Shack store in the 3500 block of Bamberger, then stole a variety of electronics and assorted merchandise before fleeing the scene.

An AT&T store in south St. Louis was also the scene of a similar crime, however police did not immediately release any details on that crime.

Police were also on the scene of a smash and grab crime at Bommar's Sports Bar and Grill in the 4600 block of Beck near Kingshighway and Chippewa where the thieves got away with more than a half dozen television sets, rifled drawers, and left that business is disarray.

Investigators said entry into Bommar's was similar to the other businesses, however police have not commented on whether the crimes are connected.

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