By Alex Fees

St. Louis (KSDK) - As the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water," but in this heat, officials at St. Louis Carriage Company are the ones bringing extra water to the horses.

Flaring nostrils is one way officials at St. Louis Carriage Company say horses handle the heat.

As an added measure, they also get a five gallon bucket of water dumped on them periodically. Each of the horses pulls from four to eight carriage rides per night, and each ride is about a mile and a half.

Officials say in this kind of heat, they often don't offer carriage rides until after 6 p.m. During the several-day stretch of 100 degree days we suffered through, they didn't go out until nearly dark, after 8 p.m.

"Well they take a five gallon water bucket on a ride with them, and any time a horse runs out of water we have a water truck which he just took off in. And he's going around, hits every driver, makes sure he fills the water bucket for the horses, dumps them over the horses and then refill them and leave them out there for the drivers," said Jenny Holzum with St. Louis Carriage Company.

On different days of the week, St. Louis Carriage Company has 19 horses pulling 17 carriages.

On nights like this, Holzum says tips generally go up, out of concern for the driver and the horse.

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