New Delhi, India (CNN) -- Only about 700-thousand Sikhs live in the United States, according to a leading Sikh-American group.

Most of the world's 25 million Sikhs live in India, where the religion began.

India's prime minister Manmohan Singh spoke out today about Sunday's rampage at a Sihk temple in Wisconsin.

A gunman killed at least six people dead and wounded three others.

"Very sad occasion: senseless killings of people who were gathered together in religious congregation. That it has happened...very tragic circumstances is something that makes me enormously sad. I hope that the American authorities would investigate who are behind this dastardly attack on innocent devotees, and that they will ensure that such costly ((inaudible)) do not take place. I believe the president of the United States has issued a statement. I welcome that, and I sincerely hope that the American authorities will do all that is necessary to investigate the case, provide relief and succor to the affected families, and my heartfelt sympathies are with all those who have lost their lives, their relatives, and those who have suffered injuries," says IndianPrime MinisterManmohan Singh.

New details about the alleged gunman have surfaced today.

Law enforcement sources tell CNN he is 40-year-old Wade Michael Page, 40.

And a Pentagon official tells CNN the alleged gunman was discharged from the US Army in 1998 for "patterns of misconduct."

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