By Nate Davis, USA TODAY

Okay, so maybe the headline above isn't entirely accurate ... we'll cede Tim Tebow probably isn't dancing around his dorm room in Cortland, N.Y., looking at a new spread of himself in GQ.

But ...

•If you love the New York Jets backup quarterback, tweet him some Happy Birthday wishes as he turned 25 Tuesday.

•If you enjoyed his shirtless saunter through the rain earlier in training camp, GQ's shoot in its September issue will probably appeal to you -- though the only thing missing from this one is the cross -- and we'd guess there will be more photos to look at on the newsstand than there are online. However you may be upset to learn Tebow is sharing the GQ cover with Carolina Panthers star Cam Newton.

•Jets starter Mark Sanchez was GQ's half-naked cover boy exactly one year ago. Doubtless he'll be asked if the Tebow feature is superior to his and destined to sell more copies. (Sanchez took plenty of ribbing from his teammates for his "painted on" white pants last year.)

•If you're looking for football nuggets, we can't recommend GQ's story. If you're a skeptical Jets fan like writer Devin Gordon (I think he actually took the time to pan my question, even if most Jets fans might be concerned when embattled RT Wayne Hunter becomes the blindside bodyguard for Tebow or might worry about a young wideout corps adjusting to a ball spinning the opposite way from southpaw Tebow in the middle of games ... but whatever, I digress), take the time to read the piece.

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