KNSD - It's a whale of a tale for an Oceanside, California man who caught a mako shark just off the coast, weighing an estimated 800 pounds. "Estimated" because the scale topped out at 600 pounds.

"We've been fishing here in Oceanside for about 40 years ears," said fisherman Lance Magee.

And over those years, Lance Magee has always dreamed of catching the big one; but he also knows it takes good luck.

"That's fishing, that's just the fish story if you get 'em, and sometimes it's a fish story when you don't," he said.

Magee has far too many stories about the big one that got away.

"We've hooked five or six of these bigger fish in the last five or six years but they've always eluded us," he said.

But on July 29, Lance Magee had a good feeling that he was due for some good luck.

After dropping anchor five miles north of Oceanside, Magee put this relatively small hook in the water and quickly got a big bite.

"When we first hooked it, it jumped out of the water 20 feet before it landed again," Magee said.

"It" was a 10'-3" mako shark; much too big for Lance Magee to reel in by himself.

"And when he got tired he handed it off to a young man named Justin Stilsen, who did a (sic) excellent job and another gentleman took it, Darrell Priest, who also did an excellent job," said Mark Carpenter, Magee's friend.

After a two-hour struggle, Magee and three friends landed the massive mako, giving him the fish story he has always wanted to tell.

"That's one off the bucket list, but I'd like to try it again," he said.

As for the fish itself, Magee said he gave most the shark meat away to his friends and family.

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