St. Louis (KSDK) - A shooting in St. Louis' Central West End has put everyone on high alert. Saturday afternoon, a 23-year-old former SLU Volleyball player was shot and killed sitting in her parked car.

The family of Megan Boken met with the SLU community Sunday to remember Megan.

The shooting happened at the intersection of Maryland and North Taylor.

Police describe the suspect as a black male with a medium complexion. He is 5'8" to 5'10" with a thin build and short hair. He was wearing a grey charcoal shirt, khaki pants and white tennis shoes.

Police do not believe Boken knew the shooter and are investigating it as a probable attempted robbery.

Investigators are processing Boken's vehicle for evidence and are looking for witnesses that may have video of the area. Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477.

"None of our lives will ever be the same," says Megan's friend Sarah Entzeroth, who described Megan as sweet, social and funny. "She was my best friend and she is one of the greatest people I've ever met."

Boken had a big family, it started with her immediate family and included the entire SLU volleyball community.

"There's just not anybody that played SLU volleyball during my 7 years that isn't reeling right now," says former SLU volleyball coach Anne Kordes, who says Megan was an all star on and off the court.

"Megan was all about SLU volleyball," says Paul Boken, Megan's dad. "It was everything to her she was coming back to play with her friends, these people are very special to her."

She recently returned home to the Chicago area to find work and was in town for an alumni volleyball match.

"She was at my apartment staying with me this weekend and we walked to our separate cars and at 2 o'clock and we will never see her again," says Entzeroth.

When Megan didn't show up at the match people started to worry, parents of the players went in search, friends like Entzeroth got on the phone and started making calls.

Her dad tells us that Megan was on the phone with her mom right before the shooting. He says the call went static and they knew something was wrong.

When word spread about the shooting, the alumni game came to a screeching halt in honor of their teammate.

"There is no way she knew this person, no way, not possible, not possible," says Entzeroth. "We don't hang out with people who have guns or who carry guns, or that hurt people no one that every knew Megan Boken would ever hurt her."

"I think you add the brutality of it and then the senselessness of it and then you think about her family and I think that's the hardest part," says Kordes.

Boken says his family is holding up, but it's tough, what helps is knowing there is support all around them.

"Megan is a big person to miss, but we are a strong family and Megan is our example we are going to do things for Megan now," says Boken.

A family friend told us Megan will be buried later in the week in the Chicago area.

No one has been arrested in this case. Investigators say they have no evidence indicating that Boken and her killer knew one another, so they're looking at robbery as a possible motive.

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