By Richard DeVayne

Charlotte, NC (WCNC/CNN) - When the Democratic National Convention comes to Charlotte, North Carolina next month, visitors will notice new signs.

An atheist group has put up two billboards taking aim at the presidential candidates' religion, where thousands can see them every day.

One is about Mormons and says the religion believes in magic underwear, baptizes dead people, and is about big money and big bigotry.

The other is about Christianity. It reads "Sadistic God, useless savior, 30,000 versions of truth, promotes hate and calls it love."

The signs were put up by the group American Atheists to show the group's displeasure with the way they say the two presidential candidates have used religion in their campaigns.

In a statement from the group's president, David Silverman, he says "the election of our leaders in the United States is one of the most important decisions that we as citizens make. Allowing our judgment to be clouded by sheer silliness is unacceptable." He goes on to say that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification for those desiring public office. How can we disregard our governing principles so blatantly?"

The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to start the week of September third.

The Republican National Convention is happening next week in Tampa, Florida.

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