Tampa, Florida (WTSP)-- At 17 years old, Evan Draim, of Virginia, is not yet old enough to vote. But he will be by the General Election and this week he is letting his voice be heard as the youngest delegate at the Republican National Convention.

"I think I have a unique perspective and message to bring as a 17-year-old Republican delegate and so I'm trying to make sure that message gets out to as many voters as possible," Draim told 10 News on Monday.

Party rules allow for Draim to be a delegate because he will turn 18 by the November 6th general election. Not yet a senior in high school, Draim says he will begin classes next week.

"I'm not missing any school. If (the convention) had been a week later I would be missing some school, but I'm able to be here and then go back to school and tell all my friends about it."

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When given the opportunity, Draim is quick to point out the youth unemployment rate, which he says is currently at 12%. He also talks about college graduates forced to move back in with their parents because of a lack of jobs and he admits most young adults are "apathetic" when it comes to getting involved with the political process.

"And if my bringing here accomplishes anything, that's what I want to do is to show young people they can have an impact."

Draim was originally scheduled to speak at the convention on Monday. But when the first day was canceled, Draim lost his slot. Still, Draim is excited to be in Tampa this week and eager to try and motivate others to get involved.

"Everyone has welcomed me, welcomed my perspective, treated me like an adult, like my views are valuable and I've been a Republican for a long time but this experience has made me love this party and this movement that much more."


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