Rochester, NY (WHAM/CNN) - She's accused of threatening to kill President Obama, but she says someone misinterpreted her comments.

Christine Wright-Darrisaw says she's an avid President Obama supporter.

Back in March, she was arrested because she says she called the White House and the operator did not hear her correctly.

"Why she interpreted, whatever she thought she heard that way, I have no idea. But for me I know what kind of person I am and like I said I'm a Christian. I've been in church all of my life I would never say anything like that, I voted for Obama I campaigned for Obama. My whole church voted for him. My whole family voted for him. I got Obama flyers for his campaign for November on my dining room table now, so there's just no way I would say anything like that. I mean the statement that she made I don't even talk like that," said Wright-Darrisaw.

She has pleaded not guilty and is due back in court next month.

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