KSL - Quick thinking by a Utah sheriff's deputy prevented an unusual situation on Interstate 15 from becoming a tragedy.

The incident was captured on a dashcam video.

Deputy Matt Boucher said he has been involved in some interesting situations while being on the police force.

A few years ago, he rescued a dog after it was thrown from a speeding car by a fleeing suspect.

Still, saving an unconscious driver on August 26 has been one of his most intense experiences.

"I had to react quick, didn't even think, just did what I needed to do," Boucher said.

He had been running radar on Legacy Highway when dispatchers began receiving calls of a reckless driver on I-15.

Boucher headed to the freeway and quickly spotted the slow moving car.

"I could see that the driver was unconscious," he said. "He was slumped over in the driver's seat."

Boucher threw his patrol vehicle in park, bailed out and charged after the out-of-control car.

The car was traveling at about four miles per hour.

When Boucher reached the car, the driver's door was locked, but he was able to reach through the open window and pull the emergency brake to get the car stopped.

After the car had stopped, the driver again regained consciousness, only to immediately pass out again.

Boucher also discovered a 3-year-old girl sleeping in the backseat.

The driver of the car was treated at an area hospital, and the child was reunited with her mother.

Investigators are still not sure what made the man lose consciousness.

Although dangerous, Boucher doesn't regret what he did to stop the car.

"I'd do the same thing without hesitation," he said. "It's our job. It's what we do."

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