By Talia Kaplan

East St. Louis, IL (KSDK) - Scary moments for drivers on Interstate 64. Police and victims say rocks are being hurled at cars along a stretch of the interstate in the Metro East and now police are telling people who travel that route to be cautious.

Illinois State Police say several people driving on I-64 between the St. Clair Avenue and 25th Street exits around 9 p.m. had some unexpected obstacles the past few days when rocks ended up in the middle of the interstate or hitting their vehicles.

Cheri Hutchings of Fairview Heights says someone threw a rock at hernew truck while she was driving home on I-64 in East St. Louis on Monday night.

"I was just really shocked. What happened to egging cars and throwing toilet paper at trees you know now they are doing this, "said Hutchings.

She says rocks kept pummeling into her truck and now it's in the shop.

"It upsets me because people can be killed and I personally ride a motorcycle through there and all I can think of is what if I had been on my bike that night. It could have been deadly," said Hutchings.

She is not alone. Illinois State Police say there have been nearly a dozen incidents reported, all of them happening around the same time and within the last week.

Tara Hergenroether of Belleville had the same thing happen to her when she was driving home last thrusday around 9 p.m. Now her vehicle is damaged. She says if the rock hit herSUV just a little higher, it could have hit her.

"That night I really just felt grateful that it hadn't been worse. That I was brushing off glass and vacuuming glass out of my car instead of spending time in a hospital with very serious injuries or worse," said Hergenroether.

Illinois State Police say they are already increasing patrols in the area and organizing an undercover detail to catch the person or people responsible. Anyone with onformation should contact Illinois State Police.

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